Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to INSTALL/REMOVE the Battery on the Casio G'Zone Ravine

I hate having to come up with the manual when I forget how to perform a task on my mobile phone, and I figure you do to. So I'm writing this blog to help you to be able to use all the features of your new Casio G'Zone Ravine Cell Phone without having to flip through the manual. I truely hope it helps!

The first thing that should be covered is Installing or Removing the Battery. The battery cover has a lock mechanism. It is located just above the battery door. Slide the lock mechanism to the left toward the word FREE. Then use pull up on the battery door cover, using the bottom of the cover to act as a hinge.

To INSTALL the battery, slide the battery into the battery area and press down until it clicks. Be certain that the gold colored contacts on the battery line up with the gold colored contacts in the phone.

To REMOVE the battery, pull up on the white tab that is attached to the battery.

Reinstall the battery cover into the tabs at the bottom of the battery compartment and then press down on the sides of the battery cover. Don't forget to slide the battery cover lock to the right and into the LOCK position.